"What makes WA Eco Plant so unique is our ability to offer clients a single, reliable interface for a complete erosion control and revegetation solutions."                              Grant Pronk, Managing Director, WA Eco Plant

Land Remediation

Rapid, scientifically proven land remediation without the need to return topsoil.

Bactivate Before After WA Eco Plant - Premier Coal Case StudyWA Eco Plant has developed a new system of land remediation that is providing effective environmental solutions for large areas of land disturbances, including mine-sites, exploration, transport links, land development and refuse sites.

Our point of difference is the system does not require the return of top soil.

WA Eco Plant’s remediation / revegetation system is known as the
“Bactivate Method” and it incorporates the power of biology through the introduction of selected beneficial soil bacteria into the existing soils / over burden / sub strata. Specific grasses and or native flora seed is matched with the existing soil environment and plant germination and growth is further supported by other biological input treatments.

The outcomes provide for rapid stabilisation through robust revegetation, dust
and erosion is greatly restricted through strong, spreading root growth, plant vitality is maintained through biological soil enhancement.

Bactivate Method doesn’t require topsoil.

Significant costs saving are made as topsoil is not required in the process. The need to recover, store, shift and replace topsoil is eliminated.
The cost to install the Bactivate Method can be down to 1/10th of the cost of traditional revegetation approaches.

WA Eco Plant can advise and offer a range of land remediation services. Please call for an obligation free discussion on your needs.
We enjoy dealing with the difficult sites.

See Bactivate Method in action.Premier Coal Overburden Dumps

Premier Coal Limited – Mine site Revegetation – Case Study

Read full WA Eco Plant – Premier Coal Bactivate® Case Study.

Dust associated with overburden dumps at Premier Coal Limited (PCL), Premier Mine (mine site) have been identified as having a potential environmental impact requiring an effective solution to abate the creation and free movement of dust. This is of particular importance during the dry and windy months. The progressive rehabilitation of overburden stockpiles is one of PCL’s strategies to reduce wind erosion, which ultimately reduces dust emissions.

Bactivate by WA Eco PlantSoil sample results were provided by WA Eco Plant to Symmond’s Seeds to evaluate and determine the species and application rate of grass best suited to the soil conditions, climate and required environmental outcome.

Topsoil Component Replaced with Bactivate®

Native seed diversification, available nutrient, microbes and soil structure are important elements of healthy topsoil, these values are gradually lost without the timely reuse or appropriate storage of topsoil.

WA Eco Plant’s newly developed revegetation procedure does not involve the use of topsoil, rather the soil biology and nutrient is provided through the inclusion of Bactivate®.

Why use Bactivate?

Bactivate® is a premium microbial soil conditioner containing 5 specific bacillus species that enhance plant growth and protection. A lack of technical information and the inability to identify exactly what biology is being applied, has to-date, limited the appreciation and use of microbial soil conditioners – Bactivate® now changes this.

Independent scientific research shows the beneficial bacteria in Bactivate® stimulate plant growth and provide protection.
They are used as bio-fertilisers and biological control agents to benefit unproductive and stressed soil environments.

WA Eco Plant Premier Coal CaseBactivate® is a culture of beneficial bacteria formulated with a suitable carrier material that helps improve soil nutrient status and encourages proper plant growth and protection.

These beneficial bacteria:
• increase phosphorous uptake
• make atmospheric nitrogen available and readily accessible to roots
• promote the growth of roots
• protect the roots from pathogenic micro-organisms and create a healthy environment for outstanding plant growth and performance.

Land Remediation with Bactivate® Outstanding Success

By August 2015, stabilisation and revegetation had been achieved, with a thick cover of
pColm Harkin, Premier Coal Limited - Senior Environmental Advisorasture established across the overburden site.

“The WA Eco Plant method using Bactivate® has transformed this inert overburden dump, providing a groundcover with the potential to retain run-off in winter and prevent dust generation in summer; while also substituting the need for topsoil application. 

The mining industry more than ever is looking for innovative companies to bring genuine innovation and results to the table. WA Eco Plant is a definite innovator in mine site revegetation and rehabilitation”, said Colm Harkin, Premier Coal Limited – Senior Environmental Advisor.

WA Eco Plant’s unique revegetation method has proven to be an effective tool for the establishment of pasture on degraded sites. Further trials are being conducted to establish native flora back over disturbed areas.

Read full WA Eco Plant – Premier Coal Bactivate® Case Study.

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