"What makes WA Eco Plant so unique is our ability to offer clients a single, reliable interface for a complete erosion control, revegetation and landscaping solutions."                                                             Grant Pronk, Managing Director, WA Eco Plant

Ecoblanket® Process

100% recycled organics and native seed blends.

Ecoblanket Application By WA Eco PlantEcoblanket® process is a 4 step application that ensures you get the maximum value and hold from your Ecoblanket®, with minimal maintenance required. Fast results are guaranteed.

  1. Research and preparation – WA Eco Plant will come and assess your site, specially trained project managers will run soil and other environmental tests so that  Ecoblanket® can be tailored to your exact unique site requirements. The Ecoblanket® process doesn’t require topsoil or a geotextile to be laid first. For best results we strongly discourage it. Your project manager from WA Eco Plant will work with you and can often save you thousands of dollars on unnecessary site preparation.
  2. Seed selection – WA Eco Plant will consult with you and our native seeds experts to develop the ideal seed blend for your site to achieve your revegetation
    goals. Ecoblanket Grass Cover Crop Our seed experts have been working with Ecoblanket® and this unique application process for over 10 years now and offer a wealth of knowledge of the native species that best suited your conditions to ensure the greatest success is achieved.
  3. Application – Ecoblanket® is applied using a blower truck and is a hose-on, low impact process that can deliver thousands of square metres per day. This means minimal onsite work, a high quality, uniform blanket giving you fast results. Importantly, Ecoblanket® can be applied to remote, difficult to reach areas and steep sites. Once installed, WA Eco Plant will either arrange for initial watering or provide you with a free schedule with guidelines for your water cart operator.
    Following this advice gives you the best results from your new Ecoblanket®.Eco Blanket Native Shrubs
  4. Monitoring – Ecoblanket® guarantees you will get more than 90% germination rate from your cover crop within a few days when our instructions are followed. After this initial germination process takes place, Ecoblanket® will go through a phase where the groundcover grasses transitions from green shoots to what appears to be burnt or dead ground. This stage is a vital part of the Ecoblanket® process, with significant soil regeneration happening beneath the surface of the ground. This stage supports the remarkably swift and sustainable growth rates that Ecoblanket® achieves, before long the dead ground will converts to a mass of native seedlings.

While each native species has different growth cycle, you can get a healthy crop of seedlings within the several months and a reasonably thick covering of shrubs by the end of the first year. Within 2 years the site will be transformed and barely recognisable from the once disturbed ground of its previous life as a construction site, mining or other infrastructure work area.

WA Eco Plant will arrange to visit your site and monitor the progress after 4 weeks and then 6 months with your final assessment at 12 months.

Ecoblanket® can be applied behind fences, through narrow spaces, around barriers or existing trees.

Watch the videos of our case studies to see how Ecoblanket® is applied.

Call Grant at WA Eco Plant on 0409 882 280 to discuss your needs and see how Ecoblanket® could work on your site.