"What makes WA Eco Plant so unique is our ability to offer clients a single, reliable interface for a complete erosion control, revegetation and landscaping solutions."                                                             Grant Pronk, Managing Director, WA Eco Plant


Over 10 years of R&D and field work in Australia has achieved a highly engineered erosion control and revegetation blend, delivered through a hose!


Things You Should Know About Ecoblanket®

100% Eco Friendly

  1. Rapid, scientifically proven land rehabilitation
  2. 100% recycled organics and native seed blends
  3. More than 99% erosion and sediment control
  4. Tailored, all terrain services
  5. Outstanding environmental audit results
  6. Carbon sequestration benefits
  7. Low-to-no maintenance
  8. Guaranteed results and return on investment


What Is Ecoblanket®?

Ecoblanket® is a world-leading, Australian-based ground cover innovation,
first established in Queensland over 10 years ago. Now in Western Australia.

WA Eco Plant - blower truck What is Ecoblanket®, it is an application process that creates a blanket of
high-quality, organic soil over an area. Seeds are incorporated into that soil as it is being ‘blown’ on to the site using specialised machinery. The seeds can be a mix of grasses, or grasses plus natives seeds and they are always tailored to the local environment.

From day one, the site gets the benefit of immediate erosion control through the blanket. Then, over time, revegetation starts through the rapid growth of grasses (often called cover crop). This is followed by sustainable rehabilitation as the natives begin to grow.

Ecoblanket® is an environmental-friendly process that can be uEcoblanket being applied by WA Eco Plant sed almost anywhere that soil has been disturbed, stripped of vegetation or where construction activity has taken place.

It is an exciting advancement for our local environments because it uses 100% recycled organics, making it extremely safe, and the seed blends are always designed to match the surrounding environment.

Using Ecoblanket® you are kick starting nature’s own rehabilitation processes, which means results follow nature’s timeframe rather than a set schedule. Everything from the specific native seed varieties chosen to the amount of rainfallEco Blanket early results the site receives over time will influence the speed with which new growth is seen. Nevertheless, Ecoblanket® has worked 100% of the time when instructions are followed.

Ecoblanket® achieves instant, sustainable results through this innovative process that outperforms other methods. Minimal site preparation and the fast,
one-step application delivers the hard work for you.


Why use Ecoblanket®?

Eco Blanket Native Shrubs

Performance Tests and Endorsements

Major research programs that have been undertaken in Australia and the United States of America, underpin the guaranteed result we are able to promise using Ecoblanket®.

Research shows that Ecoblanket® offers major advantages over conventional reforestation techniques, including:

  • rapid site rehabilitation
  • rapid carbon sequestration
  • the capacity to reforest sites that cannot be reforested using traditional tree planting methods
  • benefits for enhanced ecosystem services
  • reduced soil loss in tested erosion control conditions

Eco Blanket grass cropClick here for more details on these field tests. 

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