"What makes WA Eco Plant so unique is our ability to offer clients a single, reliable interface for a complete erosion control, revegetation and landscaping solutions."                                                             Grant Pronk, Managing Director, WA Eco Plant

More than 99% erosion and sediment control.

Ecoblanket® Case Studies

Mill Rd

Mills Road Ecoblanket® displays the remarkable diversity and strength of this process. Ecoblanket® was applied to a large sand bund in front of the owners’ house to protect the home from wind, traffic noise and other disturbances. The bund itself was then continuously exposed to wind causing erosion.  The property owner needed a solution to stabilise the bund with a perennial grass that would be easily maintained.

The sand bund is very steep and would have been impractical to manage with a front-end loader or any other application process. WA Eco Plant, conferred with a seeds expert to hand-pick the correct seed for the job. Ecoblanket® was applied to the bund a depth of 40mm, instead of the usual 30mm because to the unique sand surface. WA Eco Plant also implemented parallel ridges which are an engineering design to enhance thee support of the bund’s and provide long-term structural integrity. Ecoblanket’s® worked perfectly – it instantly sealed the sand with its 100% ‘soil’ coverage and ensured no erosion issues from rain or wind.

By using good irrigation, the grasses germinated within 2 weeks, an excellent winter result and have continued to improve since then. The grasses went on
to be well established with the bund becoming fully stabilised.

Coalfields Road

Coalfields Road upgrade Ecoblanket® was used to provide a rapid groundcover solution for this site. WA Eco Plant, Western Australia’s Ecoblanket® licence holder, was contracted by Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) to provide stabilisation and native revegetation to the road embankment construction and the task of stabilising the site’s roadside drains which needed immediate erosion and sediment control, to prevent erosion from occurring under the road.

Ecoblanket® used three different seed mixes on this site to suit the differing heights needed for the road side environment. A perennial grass solution was the first solution, with Ecoblanket’s® low-to-no maintenance a major benefit to Main Roads Western Australia. A native seed mix featuring low shrubs suitable for areas closer to the road was the second seed mix. This is designed to support the project’s revegetation goals. Then the third featured natives including larger shrubs fright through to trees. Combining all 3 types of plants will deliver a height appropriate, specially designed and naturally ‘manicured’ result over time.

The grass cover crop germinated within two weeks, an excellent result in winter
and it has progressively grown from then on to achieve very good coverage. Bactivate Before After WA Eco Plant - Premier Coal Case StudyBy the 7th week, with the sun coming out bringing increased warmth, various natives had started germinating including acacias, eucalypts and hardenbergia. Ecoblanket® continues to perform well, with Main Roads Western Australia commending the results to date.

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Bactivate Case Study

WA Eco Plant – Premier Coal Bactivate® Case Study.



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