"What makes WA Eco Plant so unique is our ability to offer clients a single, reliable interface for a complete erosion control, revegetation and landscaping solutions."                                                             Grant Pronk, Managing Director, WA Eco Plant

WA Eco Plant

Mulch results at the City of Bunbury

It’s almost been 3 months and the mulch that we have blown in still holds its form and textures.
Thanks to the City Of Bunbury for giving us the opportunity to showcase our blow in application and safe work standards.
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Komboona Bay project by WA Eco Plant Koombona Bay

Small natives starting to appear on the Koombana Bay project

Small natives starting to appear on the Koombana Bay project.
We at WA Eco Plant are as excited and happy as our clients – most especially when see amazing
results such as this. Indeed, our revegetation solutions are efficient and fast!

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Revegetation by WA Eco Plant
Plant sproutingLovely sproutSprout

Lovely plants

WA Eco Plant staff are properly trained

WA Eco Plant staff are trained to operate seamlessly with traffic control to safely and efficiently install mulch on busy highways through out Western Australia. Give the boys a toot if you see them on the highway.

WA Eco Plant working
Mulching result

Whether you need some mulching right now or just want to try and see its result, it’s all up to you.
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Working within the City of Mandurah

Working within the City of Mandurah. Our team is doing a great job working along Gordon Rd which is a busy road Monday to Sunday. To ensure safety of our team, Peak traffic were contacted and they were able to provide a safe working zone by having a lane closure and LED delineation. Our team travels along fastly blowing out a black mulch ( Diggers mulch ) which 100 % organic and pasturised and complies with AS.

Blower Truck Mandurah mulching project Mandurah mulching Mulching Mulching WA Eco Plant working

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WA ECO is in the news!

WA ECO Plant is in the news!


Tyron Massara

WA ECO Plant operations manager Tyron Massara uses a unique method to cover the banks of Koombana Drive with a nutrient-rich Ecoblanket.

A blanket of nutrient-rich compost has been layered along the banks of Koombana Drive as part of the latest landscaping works in the area.

Many road users travelling into Bunbury would have spotted the unique process in pumping out the Ecoblanket, which is loaded into a truck and sprayed onto the ground with a big hose.

The compost includes a mixture of grass and native plant seeds, a stabilising element and beneficial soil bacteria.

The Collie-based company behind the unique work, WA Eco Plant, is the only franchise in the State with the equipment used to transform the landscape along Koombana Drive.

Managing director Grant Pronk said the 255cu m of “really refined compost” would stabilise the area, before transforming it into something similar to a native bushland within the next couple of years.

“What we’ll see now in about two to three weeks with some rain is the grass seed germinate and turn a really beautiful green,” Mr Pronk said.

“Over summer the grass will dry out naturally and form another layer, while the natives will keep surviving.”

City of Bunbury landscape and open space manager Kristy Tillett said the Ecoblanket was a cost-effective and efficient way to stabilise the sloping land and the transformation would be “impressive”.

“The work along the northern side of Koombana Drive follows on from the recent revitalisation of Wally Crowd Reserve, which has attracted a lot of positive feedback,” Ms Tillett said.

“The land along Koombana Drive would have been difficult to stabilise and plant without using the Ecoblanket approach.”

“Koombana Drive is the city’s key tourist entry and it is important to maintain an inviting drive into the CBD.”

WA Eco Plant work down south in Albany

Pretty impressed with WA Eco Plant’s work down south in Albany.
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Who needs wheel barrow anyways, we have blower trucks for easier and faster application.
Mulch boys xxx
Albany Impressive work in Albany When in Albany Work in Albany Working progress


Working on Koombana Drive Upgrade

Ecoblanket® was used to deliver a rapid revegetation solution for the high-profile Koombana Bay Upgrade. Western Australia’s Ecoblanket® licence holder, WA Eco Plant was engaged by City of Bunbury to deliver stabilisation and native revegetation. Following road embankment construction along Koombana Bay, immediate treatment was requested with a focus on erosion prevention and sediment control. The WA Eco Plant team dovetailed with construction to provide a fast solution following road works.

A native seed mix was specially designed by WA Eco Plant to support the project’s revegetation goals. This design mix featured low shrubs as a suitable treatment for areas closer to the road; to deliver a height-appropriate and naturally ‘manicured’ result over time.

Give the mulch boys a toot and check out our work as you drive past!
Great work by WA Eco Plant Mulch Boys WA Eco Plant working

Mulch Boys back in Perth

Mulch Boys back in Perth – missing my side kick Sam Baker this time.
Big thanks to uncle Kevin for helping us out with a temporary mulch boy josh.
What a great team member to have on this project in secret harbour applying basic
Mulch to parklands.
Mulch boys back in Perth Mulch boys working
For all your mulching needs, contact WA Eco Plant. WA Eco Plant’s blower truck makes what can normally be a difficult job much easier. Call us on 0409 882 280 for more information on how we can make spreading easy on your site.

Mulch boys in action!

WA Eco Plant working!
WA Eco Plant truck

Mulch Boys have some exciting news ahead for Perth works to commence after Easter. Looking forward to a few days up in the big smoke with our crew and truck and delivering some great work for our clients.
WA Eco Plant working

Work by WA Eco Plant

Do you need some mulching? Whether it’s a small or large area, contact WA Eco Plant.
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See WA Eco Plant’s result

You don’t need more people – you just need to think smarter.
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