"What makes WA Eco Plant so unique is our ability to offer clients a single, reliable interface for a complete erosion control, revegetation and landscaping solutions."                                                             Grant Pronk, Managing Director, WA Eco Plant

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WA ECO is in the news!

WA ECO Plant is in the news!


Tyron Massara

WA ECO Plant operations manager Tyron Massara uses a unique method to cover the banks of Koombana Drive with a nutrient-rich Ecoblanket.

A blanket of nutrient-rich compost has been layered along the banks of Koombana Drive as part of the latest landscaping works in the area.

Many road users travelling into Bunbury would have spotted the unique process in pumping out the Ecoblanket, which is loaded into a truck and sprayed onto the ground with a big hose.

The compost includes a mixture of grass and native plant seeds, a stabilising element and beneficial soil bacteria.

The Collie-based company behind the unique work, WA Eco Plant, is the only franchise in the State with the equipment used to transform the landscape along Koombana Drive.

Managing director Grant Pronk said the 255cu m of “really refined compost” would stabilise the area, before transforming it into something similar to a native bushland within the next couple of years.

“What we’ll see now in about two to three weeks with some rain is the grass seed germinate and turn a really beautiful green,” Mr Pronk said.

“Over summer the grass will dry out naturally and form another layer, while the natives will keep surviving.”

City of Bunbury landscape and open space manager Kristy Tillett said the Ecoblanket was a cost-effective and efficient way to stabilise the sloping land and the transformation would be “impressive”.

“The work along the northern side of Koombana Drive follows on from the recent revitalisation of Wally Crowd Reserve, which has attracted a lot of positive feedback,” Ms Tillett said.

“The land along Koombana Drive would have been difficult to stabilise and plant without using the Ecoblanket approach.”

“Koombana Drive is the city’s key tourist entry and it is important to maintain an inviting drive into the CBD.”

WA Eco Plant working in Secret Harbour WA

What makes WA Eco Plant so unique is our ability to offer clients a single, reliable interface for a complete erosion control, revegetation and landscaping solutions.Secret Harbour

Below are some images of our project in secret harbour applying parkland mulch.
Special thanks to uncle Kevin and josh from Kevinswatercartage O’Connor for helping out on short notice.

Mulch on Secret Harbour Mulching on Secret Harbour WA Eco Plant working on Secret Harbour

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WA Eco Plant working around Wellard (Perth)

Mulch blowing at WellardWA Eco Plant has been working around Wellard (a southern suburb of  Perth), Western Australia recently. We have been blowing out elegance mulch into garden beds around apartments. We all know that adding mulch onto a garden helps keep weed growth at a minimum and holds the moisture in the soil for the plants to access.

Look how easy it is to have the mulch blown in around the existing plants. Not a wheel barrow in sight! The fastest, safest way to have mulch added to both industrial and residential garden beds. You will be surprised how cost effective blow in mulch can be.

Blow in mulch so easy and cost effective!

Do you have a garden that needs mulching? Contact WA Eco Plant for all your mulching needs. Blow in mulch can save you a lot of time. Having your mulch blown in allows us to get your mulching done quicker, easy and less mess! We have a blower truck that can apply mulch faster, as well as hard to reach places. Our hose enables us to reach these places where wheel barrows cannot get to. Steep or narrow sites, we can help you even roof top gardens. And, our team can carefully work around your existing plants. We take good care of your garden just like you do.

WA Eco Plant – Perth and surrounds.

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WA Eco Plant at Wellard

Blower Truck Perth

Why use a blower truck in Perth or surrounds?

WA Eco Plant - blower truckUsing a blower truck to spread your mulch or soil products:

  • Saves Time
  • Save Labour
  • Safer / eliminate heavy lifting
  • Steep slopes and tight spaces are perfect for WA Eco Plants Blower Truck

Saves Time and Labour

By using a blower truck you can save a lot of time and labour. There will be a reduced set up and clean up time needed before and after every load, producing a much faster safer turnaround. You are able to get more deliveries and more cubic metres covered in a day.

When using a wheelbarrow to lay down mulch you will need to make a lot of trips with many workers. By using a blower truck, WA Eco Plant can spread up to 100m3 per day, appox 20 cubic metres per load.

Safer / eliminate heavy liftingBlow in mulch existing planting by WA Eco Plant

By using a blower truck there is no need for wheel barrows or having to lug bags for mulch or soil products to the site, it is much safer and more effective.

Steep slopes and tight spaces

WA Eco Plant blower truck can spread mulch or soil products up to 100 metres from the truck making it perfect for steep and hard to get to backyards and laneways.

Type of Blower Truck Application

WA Eco Plant blower truck is perfect for a range of applications including:

  • Roadway new and renovations
  • Landscaping
  • Erosion control
  • Established parks
  • Public gardens and playgrounds
  • Sporting fields.
  • Over existing reticulation
  • Inner city and established housing
  • Steep backyards

WA Eco Plant blower truck is used for commercial, industrial, government, mining and private work,
call Grant at WA Eco Plant to discuss all your spreading needs today on  0409 882 280.

For all your blower truck needs in Perth and Surrounds call WA Eco Plant.