"What makes WA Eco Plant so unique is our ability to offer clients a single, reliable interface for a complete erosion control, revegetation and landscaping solutions."                                                             Grant Pronk, Managing Director, WA Eco Plant

Blow in mulch

WA Eco Plant working at Alkimos

The Team at WA Eco Plant have been busy up north of Perth in a small beach town called Alkimos. Working for a local landscaping company the team were able to produce 220 M3 of blown in chip within 24 hours. This shows the performance and quality of our projects to which we operate at.

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Aerial View of WA Eco Plant work site Alkimos Blower Truck Mulch boys WA Eco Plant at Alkimos WA ECO PLANT
Alkimos Beach

Good day spent in Baldivis South

Good day spent in Baldivis South.
Now we are off to Alkimos North Perth for a few days to install pine bark for a local landscaping company.

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Baldivis Blowing mulch WA Eco Plant boys

WA Eco Plant in Cockburn Hamilton Hill

Hey check out what WA Eco Plant have been up to today in Cockburn Hamilton Hill.
Amazing output from our team and truck performance was exceptional – 4.5 hours to blown in 80 M3

Couldn’t be more happier!

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Cockburn Hamilton Hill Mulch blowing WA Eco Plant in action


WA Eco Plant purchased Easy Mulch

Grant Pronk and Tyron Massara from WA Eco Plant are pleased to announce it has purchased Perth based mulch blowing business Easy Mulch. This purchase establishes WA Eco Plant as Western Australia’s and Perth’s premier mulch blowing business.

We look forward to further expanding our blower services in the Perth metropolitan area and providing the best service and value for money to all our clients, old and new.

For more information, please call Grant on 040 988 228 or Tyron 0439 983 939.
WA eco plant

WA eco plant in action Working

New arrivals starting to appear on the Koombana Bay!

New arrivals starting to appear on the Koombana Bay!
City of Bunbury Achieves High Success with Cost-Effective, Rapid Growth Revegetation.

Locals have recognised the rapid grass growth along Koombana Bay Drive in recent weeks. WA Eco Plant are responsible for the swift revegetation, having applied the Ecoblanket® less than four weeks ago. In this short period of time, the batter has reached 99% guaranteed cover crop coverage. Working alongside the City of Bunbury, WA Eco Plant had the challenge of stabilising significantly eroded, motorway banks. Not only was this an eyesore for the public, but the erosion was drastically diminishing the stability of the surrounding land.
Ecoblanket result Lovely Ecoblanket Lovely plant sprout New sprout Tiny sprout WA Eco Plant

The Ecoblanket®, a prescribed, premium organic compost and native seed blend, was tailored to the specific requirements of the site and fortified with ameliorants. Due to this point of difference from other remedial solutions, the Ecoblanket® has since surpassed progress expectations in successfully stabilising the embankments.

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WA Eco Plant at South Baldivis

Welcome to South Baldivis! WA Eco Plant is working here now.
Give us a toot when you pass by. We’ll be happy if you do.
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Mulch Boys
WA Eco Plant on Baldivis Working hard at Baldivis Working on Baldivis

Latest projects on Coalfields highway

Some pictures from one of our latest projects on Coalfields highway.
See how effective mulching is. Our team are working so hard.
If your driving past give the mulch boys a toot!

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Blower Truck Mulch by WA Eco Plant Mulch WA Eco Plant working

Mulch results at the City of Bunbury

It’s almost been 3 months and the mulch that we have blown in still holds its form and textures.
Thanks to the City Of Bunbury for giving us the opportunity to showcase our blow in application and safe work standards.
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Komboona Bay project by WA Eco Plant Koombona Bay

Working within the City of Mandurah

Working within the City of Mandurah. Our team is doing a great job working along Gordon Rd which is a busy road Monday to Sunday. To ensure safety of our team, Peak traffic were contacted and they were able to provide a safe working zone by having a lane closure and LED delineation. Our team travels along fastly blowing out a black mulch ( Diggers mulch ) which 100 % organic and pasturised and complies with AS.

Blower Truck Mandurah mulching project Mandurah mulching Mulching Mulching WA Eco Plant working

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