"What makes WA Eco Plant so unique is our ability to offer clients a single, reliable interface for a complete erosion control, revegetation and landscaping solutions."                                                             Grant Pronk, Managing Director, WA Eco Plant

Blower Truck

WA Eco Plant’s blower truck, the rapid and safe way of installing mulch, bark and soils, whilst saving time and dollars.
Why would you do it any other way?

WA Eco Plant’s blower truck is the perfect way to spread soil, mulch, wood chip, composite or ecoblanket®.

Why contract our blower truck for your mulching needs? Because it is:

  • Fast and efficient
  • Economical
  • Can spread up to 100m3 per day
  • 150m hose reach from truck
  • Less labour required
  • No damage to supportive infrastructure or irrigation
  • No manual loading, spreading or wheel-barrowing
  • Superior smooth, level finish.
  • Blow product into established garden beds and under trees or shrubs.
  • Blow in mulch, wood chip, soil or compost products.

WA Eco Plant’s blower truck makes what can
normally be a difficult job much easier.

With our high capacity delivery system (appox 20 cubic metres per load) we can handle larger projects like commercial landscaping and erosion control applications. We have reduced setup and cleanup times when compared to traditional mulch spreading methods and can produce a faster turn around. Faster turnaround results in more deliveries and more cubic metres spread each day and will save you money.

WA Eco Plant’s blower truck is able to access difficult areas such as:

  • deep slopes
  • vegetated parklands
  • backyards
  • narrow laneways
  • isolated gardens
  • roof tops
  • anywhere we can fit our hose with its 150m reach from the truck.

Contact WA Eco Plant for more information on how we can make spreading easy on your site.